Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week In the Life 2013-- Monday Recap

This post should have gone up yesterday, but I was exhausted. A sick baby can really wear you out!

Monday was a pretty typical day for us. We started school the third week of August, so we are already in a good school routine. Jess had duty Monday morning so I took all three boys to school/day care, then I went on to work. A trip to Wal-mart, a simple supper, homework, and bedtime. All very typical occurrences this time of year. Here are my favorite shots of the day.

Monday, September 9, 2013
Morning skirt climber
 Monday morning backseat
Drop off at Elementary. I always wonder what they are talking about as they walk in together.

A pair of my favorite flats

New passenger up front (He has decided he is big enough to ride up front)
Self portrait in the visor mirror
Carter's Bio poem. He is scared of Hairless funny...He says they are creepy. I agree :)
Help with teeth brushing
Reading Big Nate before going to sleep
Monday's photo count: 2 DSLR, 26 Point & Shoot, & 30 phone = 58 total photos

Tuesday's recap will be up later today.

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