Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wordless-ish Wednesday

Snow days are very rare in Arkansas, even more rare is a Martin family photo. Thanks to my mom for taking this picture of all 5 of us together.

Twelve things on the Twelfth-- the Love Edition

Last month I posted a "Twelve Things on the Twelfth" list for each one of the five of us. I then simply took the pictures and lists I blogged and made them into a layout using the January 2014 scrapbook kit- "Blueprint" from Cocoa Daisy.  Here is the end result. (Please pardon the less than stellar photos, winter is not a great time to photo layouts.)

I rarely do two page layouts anymore so this layout was nice change for me. It was also came together very easy since the journaling was already complete and all I had to do was print and add it to my layout. 

On to this month's "Twelve Things on the Twelfth" blog post. Since it is February each list will include things that we love right now. I plan to use this month's Cocoa Daisy kit "Color Swatch" to scrap this layout as well & make it a two page layout similar to January's. 

He loves:
  1.  reading the paper everyday. He always reads the sports first.
  2.  basketball this time of year, lots of games, preparing the team for district, regional, and state tournaments.
  3. reading basketball blogs to see what people are saying about our team & other teams throughout the state. It's a big bonus when bloggers post links to games he can watch online of possible opponents in the state tournament.
  4. Sportscenter. I go to bed earlier and when I turn on the TV the next evening it is usually on ESPN from the night before.
  5. watching the boys play basketball, but gets easily frustrated with their playing, the coaching, or the officiating.
  6. cherry cokes from Sonic.
  7. coconut popsicles.
  8. lazy days/evenings in front of a roaring fire.
  9. rocking Jude to sleep.
  10. watching sports with the boys and talking about the games and plays.
  11. visiting with people. He is very social and approachable and enjoys talking with others.
  12. his family more than anything else in the world.

She loves:
  1. reading, mostly middle grade/YA fiction, but trying to get back into reading adult fiction as well. 
  2. her job as a middle grade librarian.
  3. watching her big boys play sports & watching them grow as players from game to game & year to year.
  4. watching Jude try, say, & learn new things.   
  5. the time she has carved out of her schedule each week to blog & scrapbook. The creativity is a stress reliever & very enjoyable.
  6. the fact that she is lightening up and making friends. She tends to be more reserved and family driven, so friendships are few and far between.
  7. heels and boots, but right now her right foot is hurting because of them (stress fracture maybe?).
  8. cooking, but doesn't have a chance to do as much as she'd like to because of the busy schedules.
  9. to cross stitch & has a number of patterns waiting for her.
  10. a clean house, but it is hard to keep up with. Too many mess makers, not enough cleaners!
  11. Pinterest for creative & decorating ideas & Instagram for photo sharing with friends.
  12. her family of crazy guys!

He loves:
  1. acting silly and having an audience to watch his antics.
  2. playing sports & is good at most things he attempts to play.
  3. to play ball outside, even when it is cold.
  4. being a water boy for Dad's ball team because he gets to sit on the bench.
  5. wrestling around on the floor with Jude and letting him jump all over him.
  6. to argue. Not his parents favorite activity.
  7. to read, but prefers a lower level book instead of one that challenges him.
  8. play ball with Ethan, but gets irritated when Ethan won't play by his rules.
  9. snow and is upset we haven't had more snow days this year.
  10. playing games on the Wii, Xbox, and Kindle.
  11. math. It is his favorite subject and he is capable of doing lots of problem-solving in his head.
  12. his family even though his little brothers can irritate him and he thinks his parents aren't fair sometimes. 

 He loves:

  1. to play outside in the leaves.
  2. to irritate others and thrives on watching their reactions. 
  3. to work puzzles, crossword and word finds, and read What do you see, hidden picture books. 
  4. playing ball with Jude.
  5. to read and snuggle up with his Mama.
  6. sneaking into the living room to have his Daddy rock him, even though he knows we know that it is only a ploy to stay up later.
  7. technology.
  8. leave his clothes on his bedroom or the bathroom floor.
  9. show others what a good big brother he is.
  10. to be the water boy on his Dad's team, but his real favorite is being on the court with the girls during the pregame shoot around.
  11. that he is 31 days away from being 8 years old.
  12. his family and is glad he is the middle brother.

He loves:
  1. being the center of attention.
  2. going to ballgames, but is over it all by halftime & lets everyone know he is ready to go.
  3. playing with Carter and Ethan & following them around when they are playing without him.
  4. climbing. This is going to be a problem.
  5. anything round, because in his mind it is a ball.
  6. rocking on the rocking horse that I had as a little girl.
  7. to dance.
  8. taking a bottle at night even though his brothers were not allowed to have bottles at this age. 
  9. flipping through board books and chattering as he does it. Another reader in the making.
  10. throwing almost all the balls out of his ball pit and leaving them out for someone else to pick up.
  11. to eat, almost anything. He also loves to pat his fat belly afterwards.
  12. his family and is happiest when everyone is home with him. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday


Four out of five Martin's are loving basketball right now. The other Martin loves all the basketball, but needs a nap, a maid, a driver, and a massage. Some days I can't keep up with all the crazy!