Friday, September 13, 2013

Week in the Life 2013- Wednesday Recap

Today was still off our normal schedule:

1. Jude was still sick.

2. The High School had lost power Tuesday night when a transformer blew up during a powerful thunderstorm & Entergy crews were unable to get the power back on. So 9th-12th students and teachers were out. No work for Jess until 11:00 when he had athletics at Middle School.

3.Mom came over to spend the night Tuesday night.

Adjusting to the abnormal schedule went pretty well for all of us, with the exception of the big boys who were so excited to see Grandma Tuesday night, they had a hard time going to bed. Staying up later made it difficult to get up this morning.

To combat the grouchiness, Grandma offered to drop the boys off at school. That made everyone much happier. There is nothing better than having Grandma take you to school!

After the big boys got off to school, I sat down with Jude and watched the news coverage of September 11. Such a hard day, the memories I have are as fresh and devastating today as they were 12 years ago. I think it is so important to remember and honor this day.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Some one's big brother got hold of the fake mustaches and gave him a "Uni brow".
Typical morning routine. Teeth brushing and face washing with a parent supervising. They don't take hygiene as serious as we do and usually need to be reminded or helped. Hope they outgrow grossness!

Ethan playing with his slingshot before leaving for school.
Before and After- We have a leak upstairs that is causing damage to the wall & ceiling in our playroom/scrap room/guestroom downstairs (It is a large room). I decided to take the shelves down to make it easier for the repair crew to inspect damage this afternoon. Hoping it is an easy fix. 

Ethan took this picture of Jude. So cute!
Making lunches for school Thursday

Wednesday's photo count: DSLR- 76, Point & Shoot- 37, Cellphone- 25= 138 total pictures.

 I had help today with picture taking, which made me very happy. I bought the point and shoot last year before Jude was born, so the boys could take pictures at the hospital. This week I have made sure to leave it out and available...hoping they would pick it up and take some pictures. Ethan finally picked it up today. Yay!

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