Saturday, July 25, 2009

Completely Random/Scrappiness

Sorry this is going to be a complete random post. I have lots of things running around in my brain and I need a place to get them down, so that I have a place that reminds me. And noooo a notepad isn't good enough. FYI: I get this way every year as summer vacation winds down and I get ready to go back to work. I always feel I didn't do enough during the summer and the last few weeks I kill myself trying to get it all done.

Couple of things I am thinking about for the house:
1. GARAGE SALE!!!- I have too much stuff cluttering up the place
2. Valances- I have material and patterns, just no get that sewing mojo going
3. Outdoor weeding
4. General pick up and put things away and dust, mop, yada yada yada.....

Couple of things I wanna get done scrappy:
1. December Daily from 2008- Yeah don't ask...I didn't do it daily.. life happened instead
2. Project 365- Catch up
3. Smoky Mountain Vacation album
4. Spain Vacation album- FROM 2006 Sheesh!!
5. Order pictures

Things I have to do:
1. Finish course work for grad class- not stressing on this one. I am caught up and even a little
2. Register for Fall grad classes
3. Work in my classroom
4. Make a do-able schedule for us (me) to get on for fall. After Christmas I will redo this, because
it gets really nuts after Christmas.

All this needs to be done prior to August 19th. I am optimistic, but realistic also....
So now I have a little list going on and some goals set...we'll see what happens. The biggest thing for me is to feel like I can go back to school relaxed and happy. Plus enjoy the time I have left with my guys.

I'll leave you with a few Project 365 photos .

Last night I went shopping and when I came home the boys were in the pool. They love to swim in the dark...strange, but enjoyable.

I bought them some gummies at Candy Craze. So today after lunch Carter snagged a worm for dessert. They love gummies and they make for great bribery. So everyone wins when there are gummies in the house!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Apple Spin

This conversation happened while we were eating lunch today. FYI: We were having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips and apples. Pretty sure that my family alone keeps the peanut butter factories up and going. Anywho...

Ethan: "Here mommy" (handing over a partly eaten apple slice)

Me: "Are you done with your apple?"

Ethan: "Yes, I not like the spin." (this was said in a very quiet voice)

Me: "What?"

Ethan: "I can't tell" (this is his classic response when he knows he is mispronouncing a word)

Me: "What did you say?"

Ethan: " The spin....I not like the spin." (exasperated of course!)

Me: "Oh, OK you don't have to eat the spin."

Spin is supposed to be skin. He won't eat it because it is tough.

Ethan is quite a little character and my dad calls him "Wreck" because he is always tearing stuff up. Look up boy in the dictionary and his picture will be there.

Thought I would post today's picture of the day. This firetruck has driven many a mile across the floor of our house here and also in De Queen. We bought this firetruck for Carter on his first birthday and I'm pretty sure it is on it's last leg now. Ethan rides it constantly and usually has something hooked and dragging behind it or is carrying a big load while driving it. Today's choice was his night night blanket and my flashlight. He came flying through and said, "Look mommy I'm driving with one hand."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Hair

Did it...cut it short and I love it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Contemplating a new hair style...

Not this blonde...but maybe this short...Just something I'm thinking about.