Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week In the Life 2013- Friday recap

Mom spent the night last night & suddenly the middle child didn't feel so well. He felt bad enough that he talked Grandma into staying home with him on Friday. In all honesty he did feel bad, even running a low grade fever Thursday night. But had Grandma not been here, he would have gone to school on Friday. He is suffering, like the rest of us, from sinus problems. I left Tiny at home with Grandma too, since he can always use more Grandma love.

I spent the day at school trying to get my library automation system backed up, since this next week we are going to begin the move to a new system. It all makes me a bit nervous. I have a fear that all 7,000+ books in my library won't transfer to the new system and I will lose it all....Yikes!

Since Ethan and Jude didn't go to school, we weren't going to the high school football game either. Jess had to work the game, but the boys and I stayed home. It was a nice relaxing evening.

Today Jude turned 9 months old! Incredible...Time moves way too quickly :(

Friday, September 13, 2013

Morning love from Grandma

Sicky... or as Carter says, "Ethan is one big Faker!"

I came home and Mom was making the boy's favorite meal before she left to head home.
 Grandma's that make Chicken and Dumplings are awesome! 
Jude loves to grab his feet when I am trying to change his diaper, making it hard to change him.
 He also has started closing his eyes when brother's show up with the camera. He is not a fan of the flash.
Having a bottle, playing with his ear, and watching TV.

I caught these two playing on the See Saw. That doesn't happen much anymore.

Looking for a snack. That pantry door is constantly open with a boy standing in front of it.

Friday night means staying up late, playing on technology. They love it!

Friday photos: DSLR: 68 , Point & Shoot: 41, Cell Phone: 13= 122 Total Photos

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