Thursday, September 27, 2012

Right Now

Right Now:

They are:

Laughing together a lot over little boy secrets and jokes
Getting excited about football and basketball season
Playing together constantly
Arguing and hurting feelings occasionally
Playing ball in the yard with Dad
Helping with chores in the house and earning and allowance
Wanting baby Jude to arrive faster than he is supposed too
Loving to see all the baby clothes and supplies being put up in Jude’s room
Asking lots of questions about baby Jude and about themselves as babies
Watching and feeling baby Jude move
Smelling like wet dog all the time!!!

He is:

Working hard in third grade
Working on thinking first, then acting
Trying to make good decisions even when he is tired and grouchy
Reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, along with nonfiction sports and a few Magic Tree House books
Wearing athletic shorts and t-shirts (especially Under Armor…his current favorite)
Loving the Boston Red Sox

He is:

Loving first grade
Reading lots of different picture books to us
Sneaking in lots of DS and Wii play when he thinks we aren’t looking
Wearing athletic clothes like big brother, but preferring nice shorts and polo shirts
Asking lots of questions about baby Jude and probably worrying a bit about losing his baby of the family status, though he hasn’t mentioned it outright

He is:


Growing everyday even though it is not obvious to most
Kicking a lot anytime I am resting
Sitting on my bladder and causing me to have to make constant trips to the bathroom
Sitting much lower than either of his older brothers were at this point, which is an odd feeling
Very, very loved already and we are all eager to see who he is going to be

He is:

Preparing for basketball season which starts in November
Getting excited about all the college coaches who are interested in his players
Reading the Arkansas Democrat Gazette daily
Making deer and beef jerky nearly every night
Doing lots more around the house and trying to make things easier on me
Trying to get home earlier in the evening because he knows that when ball season starts and Jude arrives that things will be very busy and crazy
Spending more time grading papers and making lesson plans for his American History classes
Really, really needing a new cell phone...Geez

She is

Realizing that she will always be the only female in this household and wondering if that is a good or bad thing
Trying to get lots done before Jude arrives
Feeling a lot more tired because of the pregnancy and the anemia
Wanting all the house repairs to be completed, so tired of having to have things fixed
Smelling many things more strongly (especially sweaty, stinky boys) due to this pregnancy
Feeling Jude kick and reminding myself to remember this feeling since this is probably our last pregnancy
Creating more and wanting to get lots more memories recorded before Jude arrives, especially layouts about Carter and Ethan when they were little
Wanting/planning to complete a Week In the Life project before Jude arrives in December so that I can record our life as a family of four
Wanting to decorate for fall
Hoping cooler weather arrives soon
Wearing some of my regular clothes mixed with my maternity clothes, preferring my maternity nightgowns and proud that 6 ½ months into this pregnancy I have only gained 13 pounds
Going to bed earlier and trying to read Adult Fiction books as I relax, but falling asleep while reading quite a bit
Feeling anxious and a bit worried about the arrival of Jude and making plans so that the boys won’t feel left out or feel like everything has changed now that he has arrived

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

13 weeks ago...on the beach in South Texas...with my whole family.

In about 13 weeks we will add another family member and probably the last grand baby to this family.

Reminds me how time flies...& how much I love this family!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

Me- circa 1979.
Not being camera shy at all. Really
Can't wait to post the layout I created...
Love, love, love finding old pictures

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One Little Word Layout

My friend, Ronda has brought back her One Little Word challenge on a smaller scale and I have chosen to take part in its reintroduction. I hope to keep up with each new word she posts.

This month's word is UNLOCK. This word really spoke to me this month because it has been a difficult month for Carter. He is only 9, but he has not ever experienced the disappointment of not being able to do something he truly wanted to do until now. Last year he was nominated for the Gifted and Talented program at school and we found out a couple of weeks ago that he did not make it for this current school year. He was so very upset and as a parent it was difficult to watch him doubt himself and his intelligence. This past week he tried out for the 3rd and 4th grade select choir and did not make it either. Again I had to watch him doubt his abilities and himself. It was so painful to see him so hurt and so difficult to find the right words to encourage and lift his spirits.

For someone who thrives on competition not only athletically, but also academically, it is especially hard for him to feel like he has failed. I know that there are many disappointments that he will face in the future, but I sure hope we don't have to face any in the near future... It is so hard, this parenting thing. All I can do is try to support, encourage, and love him. At such a young age it is hard to explain to him that your self-worth comes from inside and not from what group you are part of. Hard, hard stuff for him and for us, too.

So I used that as my jumping off point for my layout. I also chose to combine Ronda's OLW challenge with Cocoa Daisy's September Sketch Challenge and here is my resulting layout entitled: Unlock Your Potential.

Thanks for stopping by!