Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well... A mother's intuition is usually right

In the last post I commented that I thought Ethan would be my little fashion guy and Carter would be the guy who scooped and sniffed clothes before wearing them.

Tonight I got proof that I was at least half right. Carter walked in carrying a pair of shorts that he had just taken off after his basketball game this evening. He walked up to me and said, "Mama smell these.... I don't think that they are dirty." I just shook my head and said, "They ARE dirty.... go put them in the dirty clothes, now!" He attempted to argue his point (he's at the arguing age), but I just kept shaking my head and he finally got the point.

I think we have now entered the gross stage of raising know what I mean... the constant stink and the weird, gross things they do (like using the bathtub as a toilet--I'll tell you that one later). What a glorious world I live in. Can someone tell me when they out grow this???

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meet the "Moohawk" Man (Project 365 photo # 31)

Yes, you read the title correctly. It says Moo-hawk, not Mohawk. Ethan loves to wear his curly, blond hair in a moohawk. If you try to correct him and tell him it is a mohawk, it usually ends up as an argument between the adult and the two 1/2 year old and really this is one argument I am willing to let go of. The moohawk is a daily fix at our house. I have a feeling Mr. Ethan will be my "fashion guy" and Carter will be the guy who scoops his clothes off the dresser or the floor and sniffs to make sure they are clean before putting them on.
Ethan will turn 3 in March and when you ask him what he wants for his birthday he says, "Peanut Butter, Pancakes, and Chicken Nuggets. Peanut Butter in understandable because it is his favorite food. He could honestly eat it for every meal, if he were allowed to. Pancakes are also a big hit with him. He asks for them every Saturday morning. The chicken nuggets??... well I really have no idea. We do eat chicken nuggets from Mickey D's on rare occasions, but not often enough for him to just love them.
At nearly three here are a few of your favorite things.
- Your favorite books: I Love It When You Smile and anything Clifford, the big red dog
- Your favorite toys: Fisher Price Little People, the wooden train set, any game that includes a
ball and your older brother.
- Your favorite people: Carter, and cousins Ashlee and "B"
- Your favorite food: Peanut Butter (this has become a tiring daily request)
- Your best friend: I think it is Carter, but when I ask you, you always say,"Kitty's my best
And here are some things we love about you:
- The added vowels you use on your verbs-eg. "Mama, picka me up, please" and "Mama, fixa
my moohawk, please"
- Watching you "dance"- It's more of a hop and maybe a little shuffle, not so much of an actual
- The moohawk....everyone loves the curly, blonde, moohawk. You're quite the lady killer.
- That when we hear you making that sucking noise, that tells us that you are sucking and eating
snot and then we ask you to go get toilet paper so we can blow your nose, you bring us either 2
meager squares or you come trailing in with half the roll following you. There is no in-
between, either way too little or WAY too much.
- The need for you to have every stuffed animal you own, plus your blanket, plus two or three
or seven books, plus as many toys as you can sneak in bed with you EVERY night. Then you
will stay awake for HOURS in the bed. It's like you sleep in a mine field. Completely crazy and
frustrating. We do remove as many toys and things as possible on our many trips to put you
back into the bed, but they always make their way back in before morning.
- Your cute little smile. It helps you get away with things on occasion.
- The way you reply to our, "I Love You's" with a sweet, "I Love You Most" and the cute smile.
- I also love that you tease everyone around. Either with the sweet smile and big eyes, or when
you start a silly argument with Carter to get him riled up, or when you call one of us a Wascal,
or a Turkey-bird, just to get us to argue back. You do this best with Papaw Richey. You call
him a knuckie-head and then a silly argument about who the actually knuckie-head is ensues
complete with idle threats and lots of laughs and giggles. Papaw loves it as much as you do.
Ethan you are such a funny, silly, loving little boy and we love you the most.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Sooo, I've decided to start a blog to share our crazy lives with the people we love (Hi MOM!) and also random, but polite, strangers in need of a laugh. People have told me that I'm a funny person.... I choose to believe that I'm not so much a comedian, but a realist who finds humor in life... everyday life. I laugh daily.. I think it is probably to keep my sanity, or maybe it's because I've lost my sanity. In reality it really could be either. I usually laugh at the antics of one or both of my little boys, they are funny little guys too. It must be genetic!
Besides laughing daily, I also teach fourth graders (now you see the loss of sanity, don't you), chauffeur the boys to and from random activities, and attend ballgames, as any diligent and loving wife would for her wonderful basketball coaching husband. Because I am a glutton for punishment, I have also thrown 6 hours of Library Media graduate hours on top of the weekly schedule we seem to exist and thrive in.
I love to scrapbook, so I will share some of that here also. Some scrappy things I am involved in at this time (when I have time) are Project 365, so I will try to post a daily photo, of something completely random that has occurred each day. I am also part of a kit club called where I get a scrapbook kit each month. It's lots of fun and it is a great way to get my hands on all the new scrap stuff. There are other scrapbook related things I do, but this is enough for now. I don't want to use up all my good ideas in one post.

I've included a couple of pictures of us. These were taken yesterday, on my birthday! Yeah me getting older, for some reason birthdays are as shiny and wonderful as they once were. The other picture is of Bentley who now takes up residence in our home. He really is a neat cat, so neat that I'm sure he deserves a post of his own, much like Jess and the boys. So be looking for those in the near future.
Yeah.. I have no idea how Bentley's pic ended up first. Oh well. This is my first post, still working out the kinks.