Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week in the Life 2013- Tuesday Recap

Tuesday was a change from my usual routine. Jude was sick and I ended up taking him to the doctor. He was running fever, had a nasty cough, and lots of congestion. The doctor diagnosed him with an upper respiratory infection and the beginnings of an ear infection. Antibiotics and a decongestant should help.

Tuesday was a pretty Jude heavy photo day, since he really didn't leave my lap or side unless he was napping.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Morning Goodbyes

Creative time while Tiny naps
Bentley taking care of the back yard

Playing before nap
Jude said kitty for the first time today, while trying to pet him
Jude running fever and waiting on the doctor to see him

Evening nap for both of us

Relaxing before bedtime

Tuesday's photo count: 17 DSLR, 17 point & shoot, & 38 phone = 72 total photos

Wednesday's photos will be up tomorrow morning. 

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