Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What I See

Earlier this week I downloaded our Christmas pictures in an attempt to finish my December Daily 2013 album. While looking at this year's photos I was struck by how much the boys have changed over the past year. I know, I know days pass quickly and children continue to grow...so maybe I notice it more because Jude is a baby and babies change so much the first year. Whatever the reason I really see differences in all three boys from Christmas 2012 to Christmas 2013.

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2013

Jude of course has grown so much in the past year, but Carter and Ethan have as well. Carter is still in a non teeth showing phase...wish he'd get over that. Ethan has now lost those front teeth and the new ones are continuing to grow in...those take forever! Man I love these boys! Some days I wish I could freeze time, but I know that is not really possible. So I will continue to snap pictures, take notes, and try to get it all recorded so that one day we can look back and remember all these fleeting moments. 

I also have GOT to work on my camera skills. That AV mode, which I love, is killing me! Especially in our dark house while trying to photograph fast moving little boys! Grrr

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