Monday, January 13, 2014

Twelve Things on the Twelfth...Well the Thirteenth

This post should have gone up yesterday, but I had already posted PL week 2, so I waited until this morning. I can totally live with it being a day late...I think...


  1.  has obviously matured a lot when it comes to being on the basketball court. He shines as a leader and encourages the other kids on his team. So proud of him!
  2. has started reading while using the bathroom, resulting in longer times spent in there. He is a man in the making. When I asked him about it he said it's quiet in there and his brothers don't bother him.
  3. made all A's this 9 weeks! His semester grades were also all A's. He was so excited! Super proud of him!
  4. is looking forward to baseball season and going through the draft again. He is a little nervous about the team he will end up on.
  5. is a Band-A-Loom fanatic. He and Ethan have started a business called Swag Brother's Bracelets and are taking orders from classmates for bracelets. They sell them for $.50 each.
  6. is still hard headed and prefers things his way.
  7. is eating more and more all the time and growing taller every day.
  8. loves watching Duck Dynasty and Alaska: The Last Frontier.
  9. and his Daddy discuss and watch sports together a lot.
  10. wants an iPod Touch for his birthday in May. Then he wants an Instagram account. 
  11. likes going to bed early and getting up early, like his Mama.
  12. loves eggs in a hole for breakfast.


  1. is a pest. He enjoys irritating & jumping out and scaring his older brother and picking at his little brother until he screams.
  2. has been whiny and moody lately. Not sure what is the deal with that.
  3. is enjoying basketball this year. He is a little more aggressive than last year and more confident with his playing.
  4. is obsessed with technology. He loves being on the computer, the Wii, the xBox, and the Kindle. He pesters us about it constantly.
  5. did really well on this 9 weeks report card. He is on or above grade level in both Literacy and Math. He won't start making letter grades until he is in 3rd grade.
  6. loves the color pink lately. 
  7. is playing rougher with Jude and getting in trouble for it.
  8. is making plans for his 8th birthday party in March.
  9. wants an iPod Touch for his birthday too. Great more technology...
  10. needs new basketball shoes. 
  11. is growing taller, but not eating as much as he should. He is more of a junk food-snacker.Ughhh
  12. likes going to be late and getting up late, like his Daddy. But it makes him grouchy.

  1. will be 13 months old on the 13th.
  2. is fascinated by balls. He has one in his hand or is asking for one 99% of the time. He even sleeps with one and won't lay down until he has snuggled up with it. 
  3. is a few weeks shy of being able to run.
  4. follows his big brother's around constantly.
  5. gets his feelings hurt when they close their bedroom door and he can't get in.
  6. loves to play on the high school basketball court before games.
  7. has begun dancing. It is sort of an up and down wiggle. So cute!
  8. has a fat, little belly. His older brother's were long and lean. 
  9. calls most food "nana" and wants to eat all.the.time. This could be part of the belly issue.
  10. loves the cat and calls all animals "kitty."
  11. is wearing 18 month old clothes easily and could probably wear some 24 month clothes.
  12. is constantly snotty. Thanks to day care. Grrr.

  1. doesn't get his picture taken very often. He is not a camera guy.
  2. is in the beginning of conference play with his high school basketball team.
  3. is not stressed about the season quite yet.
  4. is trying to keep his girls under control, which is difficult coming off last years State Championship win.
  5. may be getting a kidney stone, due to some stress and overage of Mt. Dew. He won't discuss it. I dread it.
  6. is excited since Oaklawn Park opened live horse racing this weekend.
  7. snores. It makes me nuts.
  8. gets frustrated watching the boys play basketball because the referees are awful.
  9. is an avid newspaper reader.
  10. makes jerky constantly. Some he sells, some he eats or gives away.
  11. needs to exercise. He hates when she tells him that. 
  12. needs a new cell phone. He has a Motorola flip Razr that is taped together to keep the battery in. 

  1. is suffering from a bad sinus infection. Antibiotics are working slowly, very slowly.
  2. is cleaning house constantly at mom speed. It will catch up with her and she will collapse because she is exhausted. 
  3. would love to hire a house keeper, but know she would clean before the house keeper arrived. So what's the point. 
  4. is enjoying blogging again.
  5. is 13 days away from turning 38.
  6. currently has problems with acne on her chin, due to the cold weather, dry skin, and decongestant meds. Ughhhh.
  7. is never far from her phone.
  8. got a Silhouette Cameo and a nice, big set of plastic canisters to use in her pantry for Christmas. Neither have been opened. :(
  9. weighs 30 pounds more than she'd like.
  10. prefers yoga pants to dress pants. (see above for reason)
  11. wore leggings for the first time last week, with boots, and a long tunic. It was cute, she needs more tunics and another pair of boots. 
  12. is voraciously reading The 39 Clues series (book series for middle grade students) & plans to read an adult book before the month is out. 

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