Sunday, January 12, 2014

Project Life 2014 (January 5 - January 11)

Thoughts of the week:

This week was all about getting back into a regular routine. Fresh off a two week break, you would think that we would all be renewed and ready to go back to work and school. I think that this is true for the boys and Jess. Jude and I on the other hand were not so ready to go back . Jude has reached an age where he understands that I am going to leave him at daycare each day and he has begun to cry a bit when I leave. That hurts this Mama's heart every.stinking.time. :( Luckily I think much of it is for show, since he stops soon after I leave and is happy to find toys to play with. His current toy of choice is a small ball that fits in his hand. Evidently he carries this particular ball around with him most of the day and if some other child makes a move to take it, he throws a fit. Good grief!

Like Jude, I was not ready to go back to school either. For one, I hated sending my kiddos back to school and daycare. I am sadly aware of how quickly all three are growing and I love having them around me. It's hard with Jess and I both working, especially this time of year, to have quality time with the boys. The other reason I hated to go back was that I had gotten very little accomplished over the break due to the fact I was and still am battling a nasty sinus infection. One of the worst I think I have ever have. I waited too long to get on medication to get rid of it. Because of feeling so lousy I didn't get the house as clean as I would have liked before starting back to school. I already felt behind and it was just Monday. *Sigh*

Highlights of the Week:

Monday night I met Mom to get the kids back and have supper. She went to our old meeting spot and I was waiting for them at our new meeting spot. So we had about ten to fifteen minutes of waiting and confusion before we met up. Very typical of us!

Everyone was back on a normal schedule Tuesday and headed back to school. The only problem of course was the crazy Polar Vortex which had made being outside next to impossible. The school has a policy in place that requires the temperature to be at least 32* before students can go outside for recess. Being in the South we don't have auxiliary gyms/rooms for students to play in so students are kept inside. This makes everyone cooped up crazy, especially Carter and Ethan who need lots of physical activity, otherwise they act nutty once they get home.

 A cold, rainy front began moving in Wednesday morning and the drizzle began freezing on overpasses and bridges around town by mid-morning. Because of the freezing precipitation school let out at 2 o'clock so people could get home safely. We came straight home and relaxed in front of a warm fire.Around the time we finished eating dinner the power went out due to a wreck on the highway. This led to an early bedtime for all of us.

The highlight of Thursday was getting Jude into the bath without him throwing a screaming fit. I have know idea why this time was different, but it was heavenly. Considering that most baths are nothing but a clingy, wet race since he screams the whole time.

The big boys both had basketball again Saturday. The three games were spread out starting at 10:15,  & 11:05 for Carter and 1:45 for Ethan. We had to be there early for team picture, so it made for a long day. I don't mind sitting in the gym, but Jude on the other hand struggles with it. He is a busy boy and many times the games fall during his morning nap making for a grouchy, fussy boy. Today he finally gave it up and napped in Jess' arms for about 15 minutes and then napped later in his car seat while I ate lunch at Sonic. Not my first choice of a lunch place, but it did give him a 30 minute nap before we headed back to the gym for the last game. We are adjusting to having him at games and the big boys are good to help corral him to keep him off the court and from stealing the game ball.

These two love playing basketball. They have both improved from last year and we can see an improvement from last week to this weeks games. Having boys who are athletic and enjoy physical activities are a blessing. 

Until next week!

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