Sunday, January 5, 2014

Project Life 2014 Week 1 (December 29 - January 4)

Okay, I'm going to try Project Life again. Does it count that I have collected supplies and mentally done it for about three years?? Good Grief! I am actually very physically prepared (I have lots of stuff) and I know how I want to get it accomplished, so lets do this thing!

I think the best way to keep up with each week is to blog it. Will I consistently do this? Doubtful, but I'm willing to give it a try. I really just need to get a weekly plan going and then find time to physically do it. That's next on my agenda after recording it here.

Now let's get on to the first week.

Thoughts on the week: This week was actually pretty calm. I have been waiting for this week for months. Once November arrives our schedule picks up due to holidays and the beginning of basketball season for Jess' Senior Girls and both Carter and Ethan. We end up traveling lots and being out later each night for this practice and that game. After Christmas we have a week that I use to just relax. I seriously do very little. I am very sloth like the whole week. It is an opportunity to catch up on rest and prepare myself for  the beginning of the next few months, which are as busy as November and December.

Sunday our family lit the final Advent candles of the Christmas season. It was nice to stand up in front of a congregation that we love and to share the scriptures that go along with the birth and celebration of Jesus Christ. The boys did great, Carter and Ethan both read out loud and Jude did great sitting still in Jess' arms. I was fearful that he would decide he wanted down and would cause a cute little scene, but he did good. The bad thing is I didn't ask anyone to take a picture of us. Oh well.

Monday Jess had his final game in the Summit Bank Shoot Out in Hot Springs. Since the team didn't make it to the finals I chose to keep the boys home. This is rare for us because we always travel to games, but we were all tired, it was pretty cold outside, and Jude and I were both suffering from sinus junk. The big boys were not happy at all, but got over it rather quickly when they realized they could play their new XBox.

Tuesday we stayed home for New Year's, as we have the past few years. I spent most of the day sleeping and taking meds for my sinus infection while Jess and the boys watched tv and played. The boys stayed up to watch the ball drop with us and then went to bed.

Wednesday Jess went home to visit with his dad and get more firewood. The boys and I huddled up around the fireplace and spent time playing games, working Legos, and playing on technology. I cooked a ham, black eyed peas, and cabbage. Because you have to have those on New Years Day.

Thursday went pretty much the same. Lots of play and technology. The boys also bundled up and spent some time playing outside. Their favorite activities right now are shooting cans with their bb guns, playing football and basketball. Outside play only last an hour or so and then they are back in to warm up. Thursday night both boys had basketball practice, so Jude and I sat in the cold gym for nearly three hours while the each practiced/ then played while the other practiced. Not my favorite way to spend the evening.

Friday I cleaned house with some help from the boys. Jess came home and then headed back out to practice. My parents came over to spend the night and brought cousin Beau with them. The boys were so happy to get to play with him and show him all their new stuff.

Saturday we had four basketball games in a row. FOUR...FOUR!, but it could have been worse. It could have been four games spread out through the day, luckily ours were back to back. Both boys played pretty well considering it was the first games of the year. After the games all three boys loaded up and went home with my parents for the rest of the weekend and Monday. I went home and took a nap!

This is our first week of the new year. Not a bad week at all. I don't feel overly accomplished, but I am okay with that, because I have realized that I need to slow it down and enjoy being a bit lazy on occasion.

Now I'm off to print photos, pull PL supplies, & check my social network sites for extra tidbits to add to this week's spread.

Happy week to you!

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