Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Randomness

Happy Monday! It's been a while since I's a busy, crazy world around here. We finished up Boys and Girls Club basketball last Tuesday, so there is one less thing on our busy weekly schedule. Soccer should start up again soon, so this is just a short break from sports for Carter.

The picture here is from our trip home this weekend to watch Jess' basketball team play Friday night and then spend the night with my parents. It was strange to be in my hometown and not be sporting the hometeam black and gold. It has taken a while to adjust to being a black and orange Leopard, rather than a black and gold one. At least we didn't change mascots. Anyway Jess' girls lost by one point, which was a heartbreaker, because he is hoping to get a good seed in the district tournament. He has two games left and those are important games that they need to win.

Jess had to ride back on the bus after the game, but the boys and I stayed at my parents house. I love coming home to stay with my parents, have I mentioned that my mama is the best cook in the world? My mama is my best friend and I love getting to visit with her face to face rather than on the phone each night. For the boys the best part of visiting the grandparents is that they get to see their cousins "B" and Ashlee. "B" is a year older than Carter and Ashlee is 6 months older than Ethan. "B" and Ashlee also have a little brother named Beau (1 year) and right now there isn't anyone for him to play with...poor guy. Hopefully Jess and I will add one more little one to our family so Beau Beau will have someone to play with.

Saturday morning we got up and ate homemade biscuits and gravy...Yum (thanks Mama)! Then Mama and I took all four big kiddos out for a nature walk, (Daddy had to go to work, it's tax season and he's a CPA, so this is his busy time of year). Carter and "B" were gungho for the nature walk, Ethan and Ashlee, not so much, actually Ethan, not so much. He kept saying, "But I no like the woods". We finally got him into the woods and he didn't complain much and I didn't have to carry him. SUCCESS!

I got a lot of cute shots of the kids on one of the hay meadows and these two pictures are two of my favorites. Ethan is wearing his "Eggo" glasses (Diego), because he thought it was too sunny to be out without them. He also needed his water bottle in case he got hot. He's such a mess.

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