Sunday, February 22, 2009

Worn Out

We spent the last week in District Tournament at DeQueen. Winning the first game, beating DQ by one if overtime. That win put us into Regionals that begin this Wed.

After that win we went downhill losing the next two games which puts us into the 4th seed position for Regionals. It also puts us playing the 1st seed from another district--Star City. Not where we want to be. It will be a David playing Goliath type game-- we play 5 girls the whole game, whereas Star City has 12 girls that sub in and out about every three or four minutes. We will make another trip to DQ Wednesday to watch and support the team and our favorite coach, Daddy. I am so hopeful that we can pull off a win. It would truly be an upset since Star City is ranked very high in the State.

So that is where we have been and what we've been up to and we are worn out. Ethan and I took a nap... a long nap today. Jess and Carter have gone to Oaklawn to watch the horses.

I hope to post a layout and a few cards from my February kit later today or sometime this week.

Right now I am headed to do a little research for my masters work.


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