Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Daily- Day 3

December 3rd: Sick Baby

Today was rough! About 11:30 last evening E woke up with fever. It continued through the rest of the night and by morning he seemed to be doing better. This is how he looked most of the day. No fever, running and playing and I thought that whatever had caused the infection was gone.

I bundled him up and went to school to pick up Carter at school. I told them that I would be at school Friday because I thought Ethan was fine. That was around 3:00. By 4:00 E looked like this. Running a high fever.

The fever cam down a little after I gave Motrin. I alternate between Motrin and Tylenol, but that is frustrating because the Tylenol just doesn't work as well as the Motrin does. Things went relatively well with Ethan just dosing in and out until about 8:00.

Around 8:00 Ethan woke up and complained about his eyes hurting. I knew his fever was back up so I took his temp- 102.8 and then gave him a dose of Motrin. Usually the Motrin works quickly, but this time it didn't even touch his fever. The fever continued to rise, up to 103.3, even after a cool bath and cold compresses. When Jess got home at 10:00, I scooped Ethan up and took him to the ER. Poor Baby!

We were there until after 1:00. After a strep test that was negative, the ER doctor diagnosed him with viral tonsillitis. He said that the virus would have to just run its course.

It was a very long day!!

I did get a tag done while Ethan was resting. This is my third tag inspired by Tim's "The 12 tags of Christmas".

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