Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Daily 2009- Day 1

Thanks to Ali I am inspired to complete a December Daily album this year. I usually try to get the Album completed before December, but that just didn't happen this year. Wayyyy to busy to even get started on it. So I have decided to post each day here and then once I have time, I will put it into my scrapbook. I'll post completed pictures of that here too. My December Daily is just a special place to keep up with what we do during the month of December. So without further ado.. I give you:

December 1st : Carter Reading

Today I got the opportunity to sit in on Carter's kindergarten class as they were being observed by the other kindergarten teachers. With all the other teachers there I wasn't as much of a distraction to the kids. I was very excited to see what Carter is working on in Literacy, to see him interact with his peers and teachers, and see how much he is learning. Sitting in his class I was able to see a different side of Carter. Seeing him sit with his classmates, answering questions, and participating in the learning made me realize just how big he is getting. I am very proud of how hard he is working and I am glad that he enjoys learning. I also was able to see that as confident and hard headed as he is most of the time, he still lacks some confidence in his ability to read and write on his own. He is easily frustrated when he thinks that he may make a mistake, so therefore sometimes he lacks the confidence to try to read words he is unsure of or to write words he thinks he can't spell. This is something we are working on and I am hopeful that he will work his way out of it and be more confident in himself.

Couple of other things...just because:
Ethan came into the kitchen this evening and announced that he wiped his own hiney! This is a great day!! Considering that we try to get him to do this EVERYDAY we are finally seeing progress! Wiping our own hiney prompted a dance by the whole family and lots of whooping and hollering and high fives. Hopefully all the hiney-wiping hoop-la will encourage him to do it more often. Fingers crossed...here's hoping!

Besides the Daily December album, I am also inspired by Tim Holtz and his "12 Tags of Christmas". So here is my take on his tag for today.
Check back tomorrow for another tag and to see my next post for my Daily December album.
Hugs!! Olivia

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