Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Daily- Day 2

December 2nd: Christmas Snacks

Tonight after the boys bath I got out some Christmas platters and served the boys a bedtime snack. Carter was very excited to see two of his Christmas favorites: Little Debbie Christmas cakes and Hot (more warm than hot) Chocolate. Ethan on the other hand, who had been VERY grouchy all evening, was not interested in either. The Hot Chocolate was too hot for him and he said he didn't like those cookies...even though he had eaten one the night before...Little Scrooge! He did come back later after I had eaten his Christmas cake and asked for one of his own.

Jess is responsible for us enjoying Christmas trees cakes. He loves the things! It is one of the very few Little Debbie's he will eat. He has no interest in the Zebra Cakes that you can buy year round, which in my opinion taste the same. He swears that they are nothing alike. As soon as the Christmas tree cakes hit the store shelves we scoop up boxes of them. It is kind of overwhelming to open the pantry and see boxes and boxes of Christmas tree cakes. But since they are only available for a short time we hoard and enjoy them. I can't make fun of Jess for doing this because I tend to do the same thing with Easter Peeps. I am fully aware that they make Peeps for other holidays, but I only like Easter Bunny and Chick Peeps. This is just more proof that Jess and I are perfect for one another. No one else would understand or endure our strange idiocies!

Hot Chocolate is my contribution to our family. In the winter I could live on the stuff. Combine hot chocolate with Chai Tea Lattes and Apple Cider, then throw in a little milk and water on the side and you basically have a list of all the drinks I drink during cold weather. The boys really like hot chocolate as long as it isn't HOT and only if there are marshmallows involved. Carter got his first Starbucks drink last Saturday when he and I were out shopping. His drink of choice was hot chocolate and he loved it. I imagine that next time we pass Starbucks he will ask for another one. I love that I am passing on my love of Starbucks to him. Jess of course will probably just roll his eyes and complain that we are spending way too much on a drink, but I'm o.k. with that.

Here is my tag based on Tim's tag for his "12 Tags of Christmas" Day 2.

I'll post again tomorrow!
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