Monday, August 10, 2009


This is the other man in my life...Bentley our Manx cat. You can find him laying around the house just like this most days. Unless of course there are small children running around...especially if one of the small children is three, curly headed, and holding an object he plans to use on the cat. This object may be any number of things such as a ball, plastic golf club, or even a blanket. I have learned by watching Ethan interact with Bentley that any object can be used to taunt Mr Bentley Bobtail.

Because of Ethan, Bentley prefers to be upstairs only when the children are distracted or asleep. Otherwise he is hiding under a piece of furniture waiting patiently for them to JUST GO AWAY! He is very tolerable of the boys to a point, then he runs for the hills, especially if he is being poked and gouged by golf clubs from the front and back of the couch. You will only see his underbelly when there is no one around who he thinks might eviscerate him on the spot. Such a rough life for a 15lb fur ball.

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