Thursday, August 13, 2009


Yesterday morning Carter woke up full of "Carterisms" as we like to call them. He said all three of these in an hours time and had me laughing and crying at the same time. I love when he tells it just like it is!

Carterism 1:

I got up early and took a shower and washed my hair before anyone else got up. When I went in to wake Carter up my hair was still wet. I laid down on the bed and was talking to him and this exchange happened.

Carter: "Mom you are beautiful, but your hair stinks."

Me: "Carter, I just washed it."

Carter: "Yeah, but it stinks."

Me: "It think it smells a little like flowers." (as I sniff my wet hair)

Carter: "Mom don't you know that boys dislike the smell of flowers."

What six year old uses the word dislike?? Good Grief!

Carterism 2:

Later on when I was helping him get ready, I got all sentimental on him, which usually drives him crazy. But this morning our conversation was really sweet and it made me tear up.

Me: "Carter, you are getting so big. Can you believe that you are going to be in kindergarten?"
Carter: "I know." (said excited and happy, rather than being put out that we were having this discussion again.)

Me: " You used to be my little boy, what happened?" (This is me getting all sentimental on him)

Carter: "Mom, even when I get big, I'll always be your little boy." (said as very sweetly)

Me: "I know Carter." (Right before he walked out and I began to cry)

Carterism 3:

Jess and I both had a workshop yesterday, so the boys were headed to play with a teenager from our church for the day. Carter thinks Colton is the coolest guy and has been so excited all week that he was getting to go to his house.
While I was trying to get Ethan's hair combed out Carter was standing at the bathroom door. Ethan was complaining about the me fixing his hair (this is a daily battle, if it weren't for the cute curls I would have his head shaved so I wouldn't have to deal with all the drama). This morning he was complaining that he didn't want a moohawk. Carter replied by saying this:

Carter: "Ethan we are going to someones house who is cool, you might want to wear the moohawk."

Ethan of course didn't buy it, but continued to complain until I had combed his hair "flat" as he likes to call it and had seen himself in the mirror to check to make sure I hadn't snuck a moohawk in on top of his head.

I added a few recent pictures of Carter to this post. Because I refuse a post without pictures!

The first picture I tool of him just a few days ago as we left kindergarten registration. He is getting so big!
The second is of him and I after a shopping trip for a few school clothes. I won't make a big school clothes shopping trip until mid-October or maybe even late October. We live in Arkansas and it doesn't get cold here till October/Novemberish.

The last picture is from May, during T-ball season. As I was working on this post this a.m. Carter came through and requested that I use a baseball picture. So I did and he approved.
Not a new picture necessarily, but it keeps the boy happy! Score one for Mom!

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