Saturday, May 30, 2009


People ask me why I take time to scrapbook? My response is that I want to capture the emotions and feelings behind the pictures I take. There are a million stories out there to tell and a million more that I have already forgotten. Moments and memories happen everyday...every hour. They make us who we are. It is my goal to collect and write down the simple daily things so that my children can go back a re-experience them as they get older.

One of my projects for 2009 is called Project 365 where you take a daily photo and journal about it. I have done a pretty good job keeping up with it so far. Here is today's photo. I haven't written the journaling yet... but it is a shot of Carter riding his bike this morning. I walked along with him and we spent time looking for Killdeer. We were able to see fish in the creek and a SNAKE...ugh, and these really flitty birds that dive bomb us when we walk by. We think we may have spotted a nesting site for the Killdeer and we formulated a plan for our next walk to check it out.

Since school is out...hopefully I can start posting a daily picture here. They aren't anything that are photographically spectacular, but just simple snapshots of daily life. Love that!

Scrapbooking also give me a chance to be creative. I have always love to cut, paste and color..This hobby just takes that to a new level.

Here are some of my latest creative endeavors that I have posted here and also at a kit company that I just love!! They are super inspiring and put out fantastic kits each month.

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