Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gearing Up for SUMMER

I am so looking forward to summer. Just a few days left till FREEDOM!! I'm already behind on some summer stuff (thanks to all the rain the pool is still covered) but I'm making a big effort to get a jump on other things....happy to report that the house is pretty clean and the only dirty laundry we have is still on our bodies. I'll start another load of laundry tonight to take care of it. :)

We are beginning to see our favorite summer creatures popping up also. We have a plethora of tree frogs, Anole lizards, and toads. Carter and I love checking them out...Ethan...not so much. He will look at them from a distance, but if they happen to get within arms reach he is completely freaking out. I mean screaming like a little-girl-who-is-being-eaten-alive freaking out.

Luckily we have also spotted at least one pair of Killdeers. Hoping that they build a nest and lay eggs soon. Ethan is all about the birds and we all enjoy watching the parents sit on the nest. The eggs are just gorgeous.

So in honor of our Summer Explorations and Discoveries I created a little mini to record all of our finds. Here are a few pics..the cover and the one of the interior pages. My plan is to take pictures of our finds and adhere them to the cardboard pages and then record the information on the tags, which are double sided with the explore & discover info. The whole album was made using recycled materials and materials & scraps from within my stash. I can't wait to get started filling this album up.


  1. Love your album! Such a great idea.

  2. This is very very very nice!!!! I just love cardboard and green touches!!