Monday, January 12, 2015

12 things on the Twelfth- the New Year edition

I started doing this last year and fizzled out after February. I did actually complete it for a couple of other months, but didn't share it here. Hoping to do better this year.

I need to take a few better photos of the boys this week and then of course actually take a photo of me and one of Jess. I am terrible at making sure I get pictures of Jess and myself. It's really easy to get shots of the boys doing everyday things because they are so busy, but Jess and I tend to not be as exciting.

So this month I am just going to share twelve things each of the boys are doing & then I will add our twelve things later when I do the actual layout.

Disclaimer: After choosing photos of the boys, I realized I have GOT to do better with my phone photos & also use  my big camera more. These are not great at all... Ughhhh! But they will do for now to tell the story.

He (Carter, 11 years old):

  1. ...Just made straight A's on his report card for the 2nd 9 weeks. His lowest grade was a 93 in math, which happens to be his best subject. He and I had a talk about the importance of checking over his work before he turns it in. That way he doesn't make careless mistakes. He is a "I like to finish my work first" kinda guy...
  2. ...Is enjoying playing basketball at school this year. He seems much more confident in his abilities and is not trying to do it all himself. After watching him play this game I was impressed with how easily he adjusts on the court. He has remarkable ball sense playing both offense and defense. Sitting on the bench with Jess & the girls all these years has taught him a lot.
  3. ...Is part of our after school book club, Wilson Page Turners. He has already finished the first book & is currently reading The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer.It is over 400 pages long and is a Fantasy. I am very impressed with how well he is doing with the book and he is really enjoying it. In the last meeting he spoke up and talked about his thoughts on the book thus far.
  4. ...loves playing on the Xbox. His favorite game right now is NBA 2K14. 
  5. planning to ask for a phone for his birthday. We are still on the fence about getting him one.
  6. ...stayed home alone with Ethan for three hours when Jess & I had in-service at school. I left my phone with him & let the neighbor know they were here. He was a little nervous, but when I got home he was proud of himself.
  7. ...asked his girlfriend to go to the school Valentine's Dance with him. She said yes, he is excited and nervous.
  8. getting more independent and likes to be by himself sometimes. Getting ready for the teen years, I guess. 
  9. ...doesn't like doing chores, especially taking out the trash. He gets an attitude with us when we ask him to do something. The attitude doesn't work out well for him.
  10. ...likes watching Minecraft videos on Stampy Long Nose's Youtube channel.
  11. ...eats constantly. Our grocery bill is going to skyrocket the next few years with these boys.
  12. ...likes snuggling with Miggy cat.    

He (Ethan, 8 years old):

  1. ...played his first 3rd & 4th grade basketball game on Saturday. He played really well and scored 4 points. He is really quick on defense and can steal the ball easily. He is also good at bringing the ball up the court and tries pass it into kids in the paint to shoot. 
  2. ...had 2 A's and a B on his report card this 9 weeks. He brought his reading grade up from an 83 to an 89. So proud of him!
  3. ...plays well with Jude and Jude always wants him to play with him.
  4. ...loves technology. He is the one I have to constantly tell to get off the computer or iPod. He is naturally quick at anything technological.
  5. ...still can't pick out his clothes. If we don't lay them out the night before we struggle in the morning to get something picked out and get him dressed.
  6. ...eats incredibly slow. Everyone finished before he does and many nights he is left sitting at the table alone trying to finish, while the rest of us are going about our bedtime routines. 
  7. ...prefers to eat junk than to eat food that is good for him. That could be why it takes him so long to eat.
  8. ...loves pestering Carter and is very good at making him angry. He enjoys making him mad.
  9. ...still only weighs about 50 pounds. He is so bony so he hurts himself easily, because he lacks fat to protect his bones. 
  10. ...still sleeps with his night-night every night. I love that he still needs it.
  11. ...recently won 4 stuffed animals out of the Claw machine at Larry's Pizza, on three tries. Lucky guy!
  12. ...loves playing on the XBox. His current favorite game is Madden 25.

He (Jude, 2 years old):

  1. watching Spongebob and asks to "Watch Bob pants" everyday.
  2. ...has an ever expanding vocabulary. Sometimes what he says makes perfect sense, sometimes it makes no sense at all.
  3. ...loves Thomas the train and can name all of the trains he currently has: Thomas, Charlie, Percy, Diesel, and Salty.
  4. ...likes to "Call Ma" to talk to her. My mama loves hearing his sweet "Hey, Ma!"
  5. ...says "Bless you!" anytime someone sneezes or coughs.
  6. ...cries every time I drop him off at school. It makes me feel awful!
  7. ...he loves to be at home with his family. He and I would make perfect hermits.
  8. ...doesn't like to be told No...ever! It usually results in a fit.
  9. hard headed and likes to do things he wants. When he doesn't get his way he will lay down on the floor in a silent fit. He will do this anywhere. 
  10. ...likes to take "Hot Showders" with Daddy.
  11. ...drags around his night-night, baby night-night, Ooo-Ooo the monkey, and Dog-dog. He sleeps with them every night.
  12. ...loves to read books. His current favorites are: Five Little Monkeys, Old MacDonald, and the Very Hungry Caterpillar.
I hope to be back later this week with my January Tim Holtz tag & my January Cocoa Daisy sketch challenge layout. 

Happy Creating!

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