Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1st- Thankful

I hope to blog each day of November about one thing I am thankful for.

Today is the first day of basketball practice for Jess' girls. I am thankful that he has a job that he is so dedicated to. I am also thankful that the boys love being in the gym with him and that they love basketball so much. I enjoy being around his basketball girls, they are a good group of girls who are respectful and appreciative of Jess and me and they absolutely love the boys!

We impatiently wait each year for November to arrive so that our family can get back into the hurry, scurry, life of a basketball coach's family. It is a wild, crazy, and BUSY few months, but we love every minute of it.

Jess giving the girl's instructions

Carter and Ethan "practicing" on one end of the court while Jess coaches on the other.

Carter passing the ball off to Ethan. He is probably "coaching" Ethan too. Ethan will tolerate the "coaching"/bossing around for only a little while, then a fight will ensue.

Our favorite things about basketball season:

Jess- Winning....duh!

Carter- Riding the bus, playing one on one with the girls, and being waterboy

Ethan- Eating at the "session" stand, riding the bus, and did I mention...eating at the "session" stand??"

Me- Taking pictures of the game, watching Jess in his element...coaching, and cheering on the girls

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