Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Morning Soccer

So we decided we just weren't busy enough....thus we added another round of soccer to our schedule. Carter played fall soccer and when he found out that he could play again in the spring he was all over it. He is already a sports playing fanatic and fiercely competitive. He only wants to play if there are other "good" players playing and he has little patience for those players who are "flower pickers" or kids who are out there because their parents want them to play and in all actuality have no interest in playing. This has been the case when he played t-ball, basketball, and now soccer. He is so serious about playing hard and playing well.

Today was our first game of the spring season, which lasts six Saturdays. He got to practice on Tuesday, but with temperatures in the mid-40s, it was a short one. This morning he got out there ready to go and he remembered a lot of what he had learned back in the fall. It was evident to Jess and I that he has grown quite a bit and his hand eye coordination is better than it was in the fall. It's amazing how much kids grow in just a few months time.

After the game, he informed us that his team won (they don't keep score in this league) and that he had scored 4 goals. He did actually score four, but as the day wore on and people asked him about how many he scored the number of scores began to go up...6, 7... It was quite funny.

It was such a nice day today and after naps, Jess and the boys went outside to play and do a little yard work. I on the other hand was chained to this computer completing grad course projects. I completed one today and submitted it, but I still have two to complete before Monday the 16th. I am bound and determined to get them done by next Thursday. So I will be chained to this computer again tomorrow, while everyone else is out playing and having a good time...Rats!

I have plants to plant, exercise I need to do, and creative ideas running amok in my head and not enough energy or time to do them. And now the time change is going to suck another hour out of today/tomorrow. Aww the irony!

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