Monday, June 24, 2013

Phew..Somebody Needs to Blow the Dust Off This Blog!

Wow! It is incredible that I haven't posted on this blog since November. Lots of things have happened in the past six months. Many of those things I will try to share in the next few weeks/month. Right now I will share the most important that has happened to our family and the number one cause of my lack of blogging. This little guy arrived December 13, 2012 and he has definitely shook up our world!
1 day old

6 months old 
(This was taken by a professional photographer who also took newborn shots of her!)

Jude Henry or "Tiny" as we call him is a bit more demanding than the other boys ever were. He is also a lot more spoiled, especially with two older brothers who adore him and run to him anytime he starts to fuss. It also doesn't help that he is the last baby so his Mommy is always holding him and whispering in his ear, "stop growing so fast, my Tiny." Daddy seems to be the only one who isn't completely swayed by his charming ways or at  least Daddy doesn't show how smitten he is until the two of them are alone. 

Tiny likes to be the center of attention and has wanted that since day one. He has a big demanding personality and wants all eyes on him. Right now the rest of us are suckers for his sweet smile and give in easily. That is not a good thing. He makes it quite difficult for us to get much accomplished around the house. But I am more than willing to play and hold him while he is little, since he is my last baby. Dishes and dusting can wait. I know I won't get these days back. 

Besides ignoring the blog I have also not been able to scrapbook much at all. I continued to get my monthly kits from Cocoa Daisy, because I love them, but I didn't get to scrap with them. This for me is not surprising and I have a backlog of kits from the past few years. Scrapbooking for me is a huge creative outlet, but there  are times during the year that it is all I can do to get the everyday tasks accomplished. So sometimes scrapbooking ends up on the back burner.

This week things have finally slowed down a little and all five us are actually home together without any big commitments to deal with. It's nice to relax a little and just clean when I want to clean and play when I want to play. 

Today, I finished a layout that I had been working on the past few days and I made a card as well. I used an older Cocoa Daisy kit to make both. The kit I used is from June 2012 and is called Hello Sunshine.

The link will take you to the Cocoa Daisy Design Team's gallery for this kit. They always put up the most amazing and eclectic galleries full of inspiration. 

I did use this kit some last summer to make a few layouts which made it easier to cut into this time. I always find it easier to cut into a kit when I have already used some of the elements. Weird...I know! 

The layout is about Carter, my now 10 year old, when he was barely a year old. Today I showed him the finished layout and he was quite embarrassed that I took naked photos of him and then scrapped them and stuck them in an album. So when I edited the photo of the layout I chose to airbrush out his business and also chose not to tell him I was putting the layout on my blog. Tee Hee. The layout makes me very nostalgic, especially since he is now ten and we have a new baby who will grow up just as fast as he did...*sigh*. Some days I wish I could just slow down time...

Naked Sprinkler Baby

The card I made is from scraps left over from the kit. Cards are one of my favorite ways to use up all the left over odds and ends from kits. I also make filler & header cards for Project Life out of the little bits and pieces. This particular card is headed to one of my very best friends who appreciates a nice handmade card. The patterned paper on this card wasn't quite long enough to cover the front of the card, so I chose to split it towards the bottom and then cover the split with ribbon from the kit and a flower from my stash. This little trick comes in handy, especially when playing with scraps. 
Just Saying Hi

All the boys are in bed now and I guess I can't really avoid the dishes any longer. Tomorrow I hope to scrap again and also do some blog adjustments. My info still says I have two boys, sure glad that little one can't read yet! He might feel left out!

Hope you are having a wonderful week. 



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