Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Week In the Life of the Martin's- Day One

This week I am documenting in photos and words. Next week I will put these pictures and stories together in my Week In the Life Album. This is a way of capturing our lives right now. I took quite a few photos on Monday, but I am only showing a few of my favorites.

The morning always starts off by letting Bentley in for his breakfast.

Downstairs+dry cereal+cartoons= One of their current favorite morning activities (I offer homemade breakfast EVERY morning...sheesh).

Morning Lego play. Notice the blue blanket in the background...he is a constant companion.

Ethan's current favorites: Bob the Sea Turtle and Memo were drinking water out of the sink, I was told.

Trying to finish up our state quarter collections, we should have completed these a while ago. The boys do enjoy finding quarters and looking to see if they need them or not.

During a brief rain, the boys got the skateboard and plasma car out on the carport to play.

Night swimming with the tiki torches burning and the pool strobe light in.

Night kisses for Daddy.

Camping out together in sleeping bags on Carter's floor.
More tomorrow!

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