Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ever Feel....

Ever feel completely worn out, yet wound up at the same time? That is how I feel right now.

I woke up around four o'clock this morning with a million things running through my head and I never really got back to sleep good. Instead I got up about 5:30 started laundry and ironed clothes for Carter and I. I took a quick shower and started breakfast for us. I wanted Carter to get a good breakfast this morning so he would be prepared to explain his Science Fair Project to the judges. He did a good job with his experiment and did well putting it all together on his board, considering that he is not a great gluer and at the time we were adhering everything to the board, Jess was watching a basketball game. Carter would have preferred the game over the glue, but he hung in pretty well.

I think he did a good job in his interview considering how nervous he gets talking to strangers.

He won second place in the kindergarten age division and will move onto the next science fair at out educational co-op May 14th. We are going to tweak a few pieces of his experiment and get him more confident with his explanation of Solar Evaporation.

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of our determined little ball players. With Ethan in t-ball and Carter in baseball, we are constantly busy at a ball park. The boys are loving every minute of it. We love watching them learn more about ball and growing more confident with their skills.

Carter did well last night. He has moved into the infield and last night played short stop. He caught a line drive and fielded a couple of grounders. He also moved up in the batting order from next to last to sixth. Jess was at his game and was very proud of how well he played. Carter is gaining more confidence with every game.

Ethan has a practice t-ball game at a different field, so I took him. Going from 7 year old baseball to 4 year old t-ball is a BIG step. The attention span of everyone involved in t-ball is short...kids, coaches, and the parents too. Ethan is loving it and understands what he is supposed to do. They played three innings, which was in reality at least one inning too many. He hit really well and watching him run to base cracks me up, he has this big boy run in this little bitty body. He also has to slide when he reaches home plate EVERYTIME. The slide has greatly improved since he has been practicing. He now reaches the plate when he slides instead of sliding 3 feet before he gets there. As a fielder he does alright. This is where the short attention span kinda gets him. I have caught him conversing with runners and other teammates, kicking dirt, spinning in circles, wearing his glove on his head, and even leaving the field to come visit me in the stands.
Fun Stuff!

I keep hoping things will slow down. Fat chance! I will continue to roll with the punches and try to keep it all organized so I don't LOSE MY MIND!

Loving every minute of this crazy life!!!

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  1. Cute pics! Way to go at the science fair!! I bet your mom is so proud of her little scientist! :)